Team New Zealand al Lago di Bracciano. Prime prove di navigazione.

“Oggi al lago di Bracciano è stato bellissimo incontrare la barca a vela del New Zealand”, così mi ha raccontato Marco Midolo, Coach della squadra agonistica Optimist del Planet Sail ed ex regatante classe 470. Dopo lunghe regolazioni, i due fratelli Richard e John Power sono usciti in acqua dal Continua a leggere

Welcome New Zealand .World Master’s Cup 470  – 2016 at Bracciano 1/6 August.


Today we have seen the first arrivals. It was a pleasure to meet the New Zeland brothers Richard and John Power, both members of Wakatere Boating Club. The first question was: ” how Many times have you been in Italy? ” Is not the first time” as Richard says, “in fact in 2007 we had a race at Bracciano’s lake  and so the weather conditions here  are not a surprise for us.  Last time we have been in Italy it was in 2012 at Gaeta. “Do you like Italy? Jonh “yes of course. It is a wonderful country able to give us good feelings every time and so we are happy to be here again”

Sunny, kindly and friendly. It was really a pleasure to talk with these professional team of 470’s class. We can only with them “good wind “

Oggi I primi arrivi!! Trovarsi di fronte Il New Zealand è un emozione. I fratelli Richard e John Power entrambi del Wakatere Boating Club. La prima domanda spontanea è stata quella di Continua a leggere